Welcome to BFL CANADA!

We are pleased to welcome you to the online platform of BFL CANADA risks and insurance inc. designed for members of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec in private practice. In addition to facilitating your professional liability insurance, this electronic platform will allow you to improve the management and speed of processing your requests.

BFL CANADA is proud to make a difference for all Quebec engineers.

We now invite you to complete the following questionnaire;

1. The applicant's fees are less than $ 500,000 ?

2. The applicant offers services in different disciplines in particular; electrical engineering, civil, mechanical, structure, project management, other, EXCEPT in the following disciplines or in these sectors of activity; nuclear engineering, geotechnical / soil, marine, automobile, aeropatial or railway

3. The applicant, owners, management or associates have not reported claims in the past five years

The applicant, previous firm or one of the partners, a member of management, a director or employee has not had any complaints in the past five years, is not aware of an error, omission, act of negligence, conflict of unresolved work or any other circumstance that could result in a CLAIM against the firm, its predecessors in business, or any of the directors, officers or contractors present or pass, having no the last five years